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X-GPS Track LUX is a true GPS tracker, with precise positioning that you can mount on your motorcycle, car, truck, boat, and anything else that you want to be able to monitor. Can also be used for fleet management.

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X-GPS track map

If your vehicle is stolen, you can easily and quickly find the location.
You can monitor your vehicles, machines, boats, etc. with this true GPS/Satellite tracker and get the position in real time.

In general
You must use a 4G SIM card with data (not included) in order to be able to track it and have some technical ingenuity in relation to setting it up, so that it can talk to a server and a map provider.
You can buy all this as a subscription for a low fee per month as a complete plug and play solution.
If you buy an X-GPS track LUX together with the subscription, the tracker arrives at your home with a SIM card, set up on the server and connected to the X-GPS track web portal, so that you only have to mount and connect it to the 12V battery on your vehicle.
At the same time, you will receive an email with your login to the web portal. Here you can track your vehicle immediately after connecting it to power from your vehicle.
If you add the shortcut on your mobile, it functions as an APP and is quick to navigate to, rather than a web-browser on your mobile phone.
Since the web portal is browser based, you can use it on mobile phones, tablets, computers, anything that has a browser with internet access.
Web portal: www.x-gpstrack.com

SIM card / Subscription
The SIM card you have to use must support the 4G network.
When you order a tracker here in the shop, you can choose the SIM card below wich provides access to the web portal X-GPS track with tracking, history, GEO-fences, speeds and much more.
Remember to add the SIM card below in the same order, if you want to receive the GPS tracker completely configured to the servers and and ready to use on X-GPS track.

Precise true GPS positioning

SIM card with EU data 

Free Support

Real-Time map 24/7

Backup Battery

Plug & play – Ready to use and connected to map servers at delivery

Conditions for SIM cards.

The tracker must be installed directly to 12V either on the battery, or somewhere else where in the wiring harness where you can make a power “thief” connection.

Warranty: 2 years
Certification: CE
Material: Plastic
Network: LTE 4G
Positioning functions: GSM, GPS, GPRS, LBS, real time positioning
Features: (BETA version) ANTI-Shock G-sensor, Street view, Speed, Geofence, Power mode, Motion, etc.
Data: Cloud based storage
Positioning accuracy: 5 meters
Connection: 4 x Wires +/-, antenna and ignition. Minimum connection is +/- 12-90V DC
Battery: Built-in rechargeable backup battery with approx. 6-12 hours standby time and approx. 3 hours in use.
Dimensions (HxDxW): 17 x 45 x 85mm

scope of delivery
1 x GPS tracker
1 x Wiring kit with 4-pin connector
1 x Self-adhesive Velcro for mounting without screw holes
Optional 1 x SIM card, configured and ready to use on delivery.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
More about the GPS track system and what lies behind the subscription.

The GPS tracker Actually consists of 4 things, where each small part together allows you to monitor your vehicles from a computer or mobile phone in the end.

1. The GPS tracker is a small box that is mounted on your vehicle and connected to 12 Volts.
The positioning takes place via satellites and therefore provides a very precise positioning.
In order for the GPS tracker to function as intended e.g. in case of theft, it must have constant power source.
This can e.g. is done by means of cable lugs directly on the vehicle's battery or by power thieves in another place in the vehicle's wiring harness where there is constant power.

2. A SIM card must be inserted in the GPS tracker in order to communicate with the server, which again delivers data to a map provider.
It does not matter which type of SIM card is used. The primary communication takes place via data, therefore it is important that there are data associated with the subscription to the SIM card. At the same time, it must be an EU data package, as roaming charges outside the country's borders can quickly become an expensive acquaintance. Whether your vehicle voluntarily or involuntarily moves around the EU, it is nice to know that there will not be an extra bill for data as soon as the vehicle has crossed a border.

3. In order to be able to follow the vehicle in which the tracker is mounted, on e.g. a web browser or an App, the tracker must be connected to a server.
This server is a link between the GPS tracker and the web portal and the traffic of data from the GPS tracker must be translated into a language that the web portal understands, which can then convert these data/codes into information that you can use for something useful.
The GPS tracker must be set up to be able to communicate with a server, which is done in a code language.

4. Web portal / App enables you from your mobile or computer, can see where your vehicle is, whether it is moving, the direction and speed, or stationary, and much more. All the data that enters the web portal from the server is delivered in codes which are again converted into e.g. a pin on a map that shows you information such as location, address, movement, power status, distance driven etc.

If you buy the GPS tracker without a subscription, you must take care of points 2, 3 and 4 on your own and there are no support from here on these points.
If you buy the GPS tracker with an X-SIM LUX card, points 2, 3 and 4 are included in a combined package for a fairly modest price.
When you receive the GPS track with the simultaneous purchase of X-SIM LUX, the tracker is set up and ready for use, it just needs to be mounted in or on the vehicle and connected to power. You will receive an email with your password for the web portal, which actually looks like Google maps, with the addition of some special functions.

Advantages of the X-GPS track system
It is not uncommon for a tracker to cost about 350-400 EUR + 135 EUR in installation and another 135 EUR in subscription per year. In total approx. 620 EUR for the first year. It is not the case that all systems and functions are the same from all providers and we will therefore not emphasize ours, above others in the market. Functionality is very different.
Why does it cost less than half for the first year with the X-track system?
Far fewer development hours have been spent on coding and programming. With the help from AI and the use of "open source" programs, the result is a lower price.
Everything is cloud based, which means that operating and development costs can be kept down.
In addition, the SIM card itself is offered as a service and is not profitable.
Another clear advantage is that you are the one who has access to the system (which is also anonymously).

X-GPS track LUX with subscription



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