Welcome to X-MC Parts

We are a Danish company who produce, distribute and sell among other; cruise control, navigation, GPS tracking and other gadgets from bikers to bikers.
Local stock in Denmark with fast and duty-free delivery inside EU from €5. 


A Cruise control is a great feature for motorcyclists on longer rides as it allows for a constant speed and relieves forearm fatigue without having to keep the throttle tight all the time. By developing an innovative cruise control that is reliable, easy to operate and makes long drives more enjoyable.


Reflector holders is essential to increase visibility, especially in low light conditions. By producing reflector holders of high quality and with innovative design, can help the motorcyclist to become more visible to other road users and thus reduce the risk of accidents.

As a manufacturer of innovative accessories for motorcycles such as cruise control and reflector holders, we help motorcyclists improve both safety and comfort on the road.
You can buy our X-series equipment directly here at the shop or through our dealer network.