Environmental policy

The production is deeply committed to minimizing environmental impact as a plastics company and takes our responsibility to protect the environment very seriously. We have implemented several strategic measures to go beyond the usual and promote sustainability in our 3D print production.
Our packaging is made from recycled materials and the internal processor as accounting is digital with minimal paper consumption. Our environmental policy focuses on plastic recycling and a transition to green electricity as central elements in our efforts to protect the planet.

Recycling of plastic
One of our most critical areas of focus is plastic recycling. We have established a careful collection of all waste plastic that occurs in our print farms. This waste plastic is not simply disposed of, but instead sent to Germany, where it undergoes a 100% recycling process. Here, the plastic is recycled and converted into new coils.

Transition to green electricity
We are aware that our power consumption constitutes a significant part of our environmental footprint. In order to take responsibility for our energy consumption and climate impact, we have made the decision to use only green electricity. By switching to renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind or hydropower, we actively reduce our CO2 emissions and support the sustainable development of the energy sector.

Our environmental policy is not static; we continuously strive to improve our environmental efforts. Through regular evaluation and optimization of our processes, we seek to further reduce our environmental footprint and contribute positively to the environment.

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