Cruise Control

X-cruise are Throttle locks, sort of a cruise control for mounting on your throttle. Designed to sit on the far left of the handle with built-in anti-blocking of the throttle. X-cruise are made in two variants.

What type do yo need? X-cruise I to the left / X-cruise II on the right.
Slide to see the difference on the two variants.

Mounting the X-cruise is very simple and a 2 minute job, almost without tools.
You don’t even have to unmount Handguards or bar end mirrors as you can twist the adapter ring and X-cruise arm round their brackets.

Choose your variant below

X-cruise I
X-cruise I must have an upper throttle cable or a mirror on which the small arm can have it’s stopping point

X-cruise II
X-cruise II uses the brake lever as it’s stopping point

Install X-cruise I
Install X-cruise II
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