Instructions X-cruise I

X-cruise I

Congratulations on your new one X-cruise I throttle lock for motorcycles.
Learn to operate X-cruise I before you use it when driving, for your own safety and that of other road users.
X-cruise I must not be used on motorcycles where the throttle cable is under the handlebars when viewed from the side. There must be a throttle cable or a side mirror which can act as a stop point for the small arm at the top of the cruise control.

X-cruise I

is designed to be able to hold the throttle only in a continuously selected position. It must not be tight in any way when you have to take off the gas again.
If it can be tightened with the screw (E) so that it is tight or difficult to disable, please remove it and contact us for a solution.

X-cruise I only need to hold the throttle and be able to easily turn the throttle back to the idle position.
Before driving after installing your X-cruise I, learn to operate it with the engine off.
X-cruise Iis by no means accurate in its retention of speed. When driving up and down hilly terrain, the speed of the motorcycle will decrease and increase, respectively.


You can adjust how tight the brake is X-cruise I must be by means of the screw (E). Be sure to adjust the cruise control before driving.

X-cruise I
Dimensions (W x H x D): 90 x 52 x 11mm
Weight: 29gr.
Material: Plastic

Bolts, nuts and screws
A2 Stainless

Mounting of X-cruise

Measure the diameter of your throttle body with a ruler. Your throttle must be between 29 – 35 mm or 38-43 mm depending on model In order to use X-cruise I. Contact us for special measurements.
In order for the anti-blocking to be effective, it is extremely important that you use the inner ring that has the same inner diameter as your throttle.

Find the adapter ring that has the same dimensions as your throttle. 7 different sizes from 29 to 35 mm or 6 from 38-43 depending on model, are supplied with 1 mm interval.

It is extremely important that you use the correct size ring, otherwise the X-cruise I will not function as intended and in the worst case, result in an accident.

  1. Adapter ring (C) is placed as far to the left of the throttle as it will go. You can gently extend the inner ring with 2 fingers to just tip the adapter ring over the edge of the throttle or handlebar weight. It’s a little tight, but it has to be.
    If necessary, remove handlebar end-weights if the diameter is much larger than the throttle. The adapter ring is conical inside, so it must be placed with the thin side to the left.
  2. Fit the cruise control (A) over the inner ring (C).
(A) X-cruise
(B) Arm
(C) Adapter ring, 7 pcs. 29-35 mm or 6 pcs. 38-43 mm. depending on model.
(D) Bolt
(E) Adjustment screw
(F) Nuts

X-cruise in use

When you have achieved the speed you want to maintain, you press down on the arm with your thumb X-cruise downwards.
You can give additional gas if necessary. notice thatt X-cruise stops at the point where it was activated if you gently release the grip on the throttle, allowing your speed to drop back to the point you had set before accelerating.

When you need to deactivate the cruise control, simply turn the throttle back to the idle position. Just as you would normally do when accelerating or braking. It doesn’t take any longer than if you didn’t have it installed, or require other measures for deactivation.
If the throttle is too tight and makes deactivation difficult, do not activate it in any way. Should it happen while driving that X-cruise feels tight to deactivate, you can activate clutch and possibly dead man’s button and drive to the side as quickly as possible to remove (A) X-cruise.

Sand, gravel and mud
Disassemble X-cruise if you have to drive off-road, on the beach, in the forest or in other places where there is an increased risk of foreign objects coming into contact with X-cruise.
Always assess whether the condition of the road is suitable for use of the X-cruise.

Make sure all parts are free of dirt and foreign objects before assembly.
Dirt and e.g. sand between inner ring and X-cruise can increase friction and prevent unimpeded turning of the throttle.
Never use strong solvents for cleaning X-cruise and adapter ring.

Extreme heat can cause the parts to deform and prevent the throttle from turning freely.
Never use X-cruise if the throttle cannot easily return to the idle position by itself when screw (E) is loosened.
If you know in advance that you will not need X-cruise, we recommend that it be dismantled.

Use only X-cruise where there is limited traffic and good visibility.
Do not use X-cruise in urban areas and always make sure to pay special attention to traffic in front and always keep a good distance.
Always drive with both hands on the handlebars.
Do not use X-cruise during gear changes.

It is your own responsibility to operate X-cruise in a responsible and safe manner, and not to violate the law.

X-cruise may not be used for negligence.
X-MC Parts ApS disclaims all liability for loss, damage or inconvenience, both direct and indirect of any kind.

2 years according to the provisions of the Purchase Act.

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