Instructions X-GPS track LITE

X-GPS track LITE

Thank you for purchasing this tracker. This device can be used to monitor your car, boat, motorcycle, bike, machinery, caravan, luggage, children and much more.
Opposite to “Tags” it’s much more anti theft friendly by not revealing its
presence in case of theft. Tags are positioning by using a nearby smartphone, here the thief will be able to see the “Tag”.

Before usage

SIM card
If you have purchased the device without a SIM card, you must insert one yourself. Use a SIM card that supports 2G.
If you bought the tracker with a SIM card then the phone number for the SIM card will be sent to you on an separate E-mail.

Open the cover on the top of the device by tilting the cover upwards
at the USB gate. Insert the SIM card. The device has a small LED indicator
that lights up when you insert the SIM card. After 30 seconds the device goes into standby mode.

Charge the Tracker by installing the including USB cable to a standard smartphone 5V DC power supply (not included) and plug it into the tracker.
The indicator will flash if the battery capacity is low.

Set your phone number on which you want to pare the tracker with in order to receive notifications.
From your phone, you must send a SMS with the code (000) with brackets to
the tracker’s phone number. The tracker will then reply: 000 Set
Binding Success. Send the code: Set +45xxxxxxx (Area code +45 for Denmark and your phone number) without brackets.

GPRS location

Send the code 777 to the tracker. The tracker will reply
with its geographical location together with the battery condition e.g. Voltage:
100%, which means full battery capacity. A link is sent is also in the reply with the GEO location, press it and you will get the location on a online map.


  1. Dimensions: 3.5 x 2.0 x 1.4 cm
  2. Charging input: DC 5.0V 300-500 mAh
  3. Battery: 3.7V 400 Li-ion mAh
  4. Standby approx. 7 days, in use approx. 4-6 days
  5. Memory card: Mini TF
  6. Technology: GSM/GPRS GSM850/900/1800/1900 MHZ
  7. Storage temperature: -40° – +85°
  8. Temperature in use: -20° – +55°
  9. Humidity in use: 5% – 95%

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2 years according to the provisions of the Purchase Act.

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